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Simple Steps - Relying on God as We Raise Our Kids

Mar 30, 2021

We want our child to respect us. God wants to help us cultivate this honoring relationship with our child. Listen in for six ways to gain a child's respect. 

Episode 16 Resources

Mar 13, 2021

When our kids were toddlers, two questions quickly surfaced: How am I going to respond to disobedience? What’s my goal when I respond? I realized my need to distinguish between punishment and correction. Listen in for how this understanding lifted a huge burden off my shoulders and placed a plan in my heart.


Jan 13, 2021

God wants us to be dedicated to our child's learning and to train them in ways that point to conduct that pleases him. But training is hard work, and it's easy to become discouraged, exhausted, and frazzled.  How we train matters. Listen in for 8 doable training tips!

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